Nursery & Primary

The Primary school commences at Grade One and goes up to Grade Five. A student must have completed 6 years by September 1st in order to gain admission in Grade One.
The Primary students do a mixed international curriculum that draws on the strengths of the national as well as international syllabi. Our alumni have been able to continue their studies and adjust in many of the schools around the world. Our forte is our strong academics.

In addition to academics, we encourage extra-curriular activities. Students are segregated in one of three distinct clubs.

  1. DAD - Staged Club – Drama Art and Dynamics Club. Here students do a mixture of arts and drama. We recently stage our first live school play, The Elves and the Shoemaker which was a huge success.
  2. ABC Club – Athletic Booster Club. This club brings out the sports skills in each child. To keep the body healthy is as important as keeping the mind active.
  3. TLC Club – The Learning Club. To keep the brain cells ticking, this club organizes games and activities to keep the young minds alert.